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Kyle Hughes

Kyle Hughes was awarded the Woodie Flowers Award at the FIRST Championships in Orlando in 2000 in a memorable fashion.  When Kyle was announced as the winner, she came out of the stands with her new 9-week-old baby in her arms.  This effort symbolized her work as a lead teacher, a FIRST team leader, mom and wife.

Kyle is a math and science teacher at Clarkston High School in Michigan.  She is also the lead teacher on FRC team 27, team RUSH.  She has served in this position since 1997, and is still seen as the on-field coach for team RUSH.  This team is extremely well organized, passionate about their efforts, and committed to their community.   Team RUSH does many things, and has put together a wonderful tutorial for all FIRST Teams, called the “RUSH Tool Kit“.

Kyle, like Ken Patton, is also a graduate of Michigan Technological University, and has been active in promoting STEM education in Michigan.  She has won teaching awards, orchestrated her team to meet with political and education leaders, and has integrated her family into all of these efforts.

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