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Rob Mainieri

Rob Mainieri team associations:  64, 498, 812, 1260, 3170, 2375, and 6833

Rob Mainieri was awarded the Championship Woodie Flowers Award in 2006.  Rob has been involved as a FIRST mentor since 1997 and in that time has volunteered with FLL, FTC, and FRC.   He has cofounded 6 teams and mentored dozens more in the Arizona and San Diego communities during his twenty-plus years in FIRST.  Rob co-founded one of the strongest FRC Teams in the history of Arizona, the Gila Monsters–FRC Team 64—and he is the creator of the Gila Dance.  Rob is also a founding member of FRC Team 498—Cobra Commanders and  FRC 812—The Midnight Mechanics .

Rob might best be known for his work with The Midnight Mechanics, when they founded the Team San Diego Robotics Coalition.  This non-profit helped to bring a regional to San Diego and helped San Diego county go from one team in 2001 to over twenty by 2007  He also served as the first Chairperson of the San Diego Regional Organizing Committee

At FIRST events, you can find Rob interfacing with many teams, volunteering near the field, and giving advice to other mentors.  Rob is a graduate from Rutgers University where he attained a degree in Mathematics.  He also has a masters of Secondary Education from Grand Canyon University.

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