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Dan Green

Dan Green, otherwise known as “Mr. FIRST”,  is a mentor and leader from Wildstang, FRC team 111.  Dan was awarded the Championship Woodie Flowers Award in 2007.  Dan has been a FIRST mentor since 1996.  During most of his time as a Wildstang mentor, Dan was a software engineering manager and director at Motorola in the Chicago area.

Dan’s leadership on Wildstang has driven them to be a Hall of Fame team, as they won the Championship Chairman’s Award in 2006.  Also, his team has won the FIRST Robotics World Championships during the 2003, 2009, and 2011 seasons.  Dan has served as the Regional Director for the Midwest Regional in Chicago for many years, and has impacted the lives of countless FIRST students and mentors.

Often, we see Dan announcing the play by play during FIRST events and managing events and personnel volunteering at FIRST Regionals.  Dan now serves as Director and Regional Chair of Illinois FIRST, leading FIRST activities and programs in Illinois.

Dan is a graduate of the University of Illinois with a bachelor of science in computer engineering, and also has an MBA from the University of Chicago.

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