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Mark Breadner

Mark Breadner is the father of FIRST in Canada.  He was awarded the Championship Woodie Flowers Award in 2008.  Mark founded the initial Canadian FIRST Robotics team from Woburn Collegiate in Toronto, Canada, (FRC 188) in 1998.  Since that year, Mark has been a pivotal figure and tremendous leader in the FIRST community.

Mark started out his career as a systems engineer and marketing representative with IBM Canada.  Thankfully, for the benefit of the FIRST community, Mark transitioned over to technical education and school administration as he got more involved with FIRST.  He was Director of Robotics for the Toronto School Board in 2002 and 2003.  Then, Mark served as Director of Canadian Association for Student Robotics (now FIRST Robotics Canada).  Since 2010, Mark has served as the Executive Director and now President of FIRST Robotics Canada.

Mark continues to grow FIRST programs right across Canada and serve on the Executive Advisory Board for FIRST.  

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