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Dr. Earl Scime

2012 Woodie Flowers Award Winner
Dr. Earl Scime, Chair, Physics Department, West Virginia University; FRC Team 2614 Mentor

Members of FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) Team 2614, MARS, from Morgantown, West Virginia tell us the story of their Mentor, Dr. Earl Scime, aka the “MARS Rock.” It is a story of years of FRC experience, new and strong FRC teams, and many new FIRST LEGO League (FLL) teams. It describes a focus on high quality programs, and a concentrated effort to firmly and thoroughly guide students along scientific and technical paths. This story is filled with evidence of a true, real connection between a great Mentor who has unending encouragement for what are sure to be some talented and confident future engineers and scientists.


Students describe a Mentor who helps connect theoretical scientific concepts to the real physical world. Dr. Scime  helps the students realize that difficult problems CAN be solved with effort and organization. His team has applied this thinking not only to their robots, but also to their successful non-robotic endeavors.

Dr. Scime has succeeded in the major goal of FIRST – the “big I,” inspiration. As a team leader, he has inspired students throughout West Virginia, a state where college attendance percentages are currently low. The foundation that has been built will no doubt result in great things for years to come.

In the words of his students: “We came to be inspired. We stay because he did. We will become the inspiration.”

Dr. Earl Scime, 2012 Woodie Flowers Award winner, was recently named the winner of West Virginia University’s Eberly College of Arts and Sciences 2015 Outstanding Public Service Award. See all the details here. His work with FIRST was cited, including the insane 27 hour long FRC Endurance Event that took place last August – West Virginia RObotics eXtreme – hosted by his FRC team, 2614, MARS.

Congratulations, Earl, on this well-deserved recognition!

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